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HLA Completion

This tool takes as input, HLA class I (loci A,B,C) typing data, specified at possibly multiple resolutions (2-digit, 4-digit, or combination of 2-/4-digit alternatives separated by a ‘/’, in either new or old HLA nomenclature) and probabilistically resolves the typing ambiguities (i.e., probabilistically “completes” the data to 4-digit resolution). Details.

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J. Listgarten, Z. Brumme, C. Kadie, G. Xiaojiang, B. Walker, M. Carrington, P. Goulder, D. Heckerman (2008) Statistical Resolution of Ambiguous HLA Typing Data. PLoS Computational Biology 4(2): e1000016 doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000016

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